Beth Post


Always learning

I've recently jumped on the bandwagon of taking courses for enrichment and to expand my knowledge in unfamiliar techniques of design. It's quite fun and keeps my desire to melt into the sofa at bay. I think it's important to keep that hamster running on the wheel in your mind if you need to find motivation on your projects, and online courses are the way to go.

For me, I've signed up for an account with Skillshare and already have created a list of over 50 courses I absolutely have to take. To supplement my creative side, I thought it ideal to learn how to grow myself as a freelancer, so I've simultaneously started taking a course on social marketing with this amazing website called Coursera. Have you heard of Coursera? If you have, lucky you! If you haven't, lucky you! You're lucky because you get to learn about it for the first time!! Coursera is an online site filled with courses and certificate programs from reputable universities all over the world! You can take courses from Yale, Stanford or even CalArts... and the best part is you decide if you want to pay for the course or not. There's certainly more to it, and I'm not a rep with them, so these are my own words and opinions, but it's always exciting to learn new things!

With that being said, I've combined my Skillshare course on "sketchnoting" ( with my Coursera course from Northwestern, called "What is Social?" and I'm already pleased with my results. I have no clue what I'm doing with sketchnoting, but practice makes perfect... right?! 

And that's a peek into my thoughts for today!