Beth Post


I did a rebrand!

I think it was long overdue, but I've finally created a rebranding overhaul on myself. As a designer, I understand the importance of constantly being fresh, new and innovative, so it's important to maintain this philosophy with how work is presented. 

Moving forward, my most current and aesthetically reflective work will appear on my homepage. I may have updates weekly or, at times, daily, but I'll keep my site fresh!

For those of you who have visited my site in the past, you'll probably note that it now has this fancy thing: a BLOG! As a designer, it's important to show my process and steps taken in solving design challenges... enter "blog". Here, I'll share my design interests and influences; my current projects; and any design-related ideas and thoughts I may find buzzing around my head.

Be sure to follow me for an exciting look into my mind and perhaps I can influence you on your own projects!