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type-OH! publication

Type-OH! is an MFA project, which focuses on culture within a city through its typography. How exactly does typography define a city? Its inhabitants and subcultures create a visual jungle of diverse use of letterforms and iconography, of colours and words, all of which represent a city and its people. This is the stuff Type-OH! is seeking. We want to delve into the depths of a city and find out where its creative roots are and how residents and outsiders perceive it. 


The first city to fill the premiere issue is BERLIN. This is a city which breathes creativity and vibrancy. Because of this, so many people have contributed to the publication, giving us a varied point of view. It’s absolutely amazing! Contributors from Manchester, the US, Germany and Hungary have all allowed us to use their work in the pages of Type-OH! Additionally, an Instagram account has been used and linked to this project for wider exposure and call-outs for future issues. The hype is real.


From future successes on the Berlin issue(s), Type-OH! will evolve to travel to other cities to identify and provide visual stories of culture from around the world!


The publication has been selected as Newspaper Club's "Newspaper of the Month" for August 2017. Check out my interview with Newspaper Club for more details on this publication:


Interested in owning a copy of your own? You can order one directly from the printers: