Beth Post

Eastern Ukraine


Eastern Ukrainian Culture

Eastern Ukraine currently struggles with an identity crisis between their own independence, the Soviet past, and the influence of neighbouring Russia: the need to produce a body of work that expresses a modern regional individuality is evidently crucial.

The work comprises in-depth study, research, and implementation of Eastern Ukrainian culture through typography. A locally aware cultural approach to graphic design was identified and realised through calligraphy and embroidery after studying with Ukrainian calligrapher, Oleksiy Chekal and interning with branding agency Boomerang in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Pieces on display include embroidery, a characteristic medium used to express Ukrainian culture, which features Ukrainian florals, cross-stitching and phrases from nationals on what it means to be Ukrainian. Additional pieces include a zine with a calligraphic typeface designed by Beth Post set in a modern editorial design and a book containing illustrations, watercolour, embroidery, and calligraphy inspired by multiple extensive visits to Ukraine.

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